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Feb 22, 2024

Scent of growth: From €35k to €150k per month

Scent of growth: From €35k to €150k per month

About the brand

Fragrance Perfumes is a brand deeply committed to the world of fragrances. The brand offers an array of scents that reflect their belief that "perfume is your signature”.

Their mission goes beyond just creating scents; they emphasize that a perfume is a unique expression of individual identity, capable of triggering memories and emotions. And it shouldn’t brake the bank when you decide to own one.

With a focus on providing trendy and cost-effective perfumes, the brand takes pride in its extensive background in fragrance development and production. They place great importance on natural ingredients and skin-friendly formulations.

The journey with Fragrance Perfumes has been nothing short of remarkable for our team here at Bighead Lab. We successfully elevated the brand to a remarkable monthly revenue of 150k in just 9 months.

Our commitment involved full-scale marketing: managing Facebook and Google Ads, optimizing email marketing campaigns, conducting influencer partnerships, creating content strategy, and coordinating filming days.

The challenge

Before joining forces with our agency, Fragrance Perfumes stood as a relatively unknown brand in the market. Recognizing the brand's untapped potential, we were inspired to embark on a growth journey together.

The primary challenge they were facing was increasing sales through media buying while maintaining profitability. 

This required a strategic approach: optimizing media buying efforts, allocating resources efficiently, and making informed decisions to maximize revenue without overextending the budget.

With Fragrance Perfumes, we updated their strategy based on an omni-channel marketing approach. 

What is omni-channel approach?

Omni-channel marketing means that we are seamlessly integrating various marketing channels, such as social media, ad campaigns, emails, and more, to create a unified and consistent brand experience for our customers. 

For Fragrance Perfumes, this translates into an online shopping experience that mirrors the sensory richness one encounters when purchasing a perfume in person. This coupled with a compelling array of offerings has proven successful in hitting the mark. Our efforts ultimately led to increased engagement, customer satisfaction, and, of course, improved sales. 

For Fragrance Perfumes, we have prioritised the following key channels: social profiles (Facebook and Instagram), Meta ads, Google search and display ads, YouTube ads, email, and SMS. 

The example of photos from our shooting day

The Process

After initial workshops with the client, where we gained understanding of brand’s vision, target audience, and current marketing efforts, we set our plan into motion. 

First, we updated their strategy with a strong emphasis on omni-channel marketing and creating a cohesive brand experience. 

From there, we explored specific areas for refinement and enhancement, tailoring our approach to the unique needs of the client.

These were the primary areas we focused on:

  1. Content creation

We established a plan outlining how we would gather user-generated content, identified the most suitable influencers for specific campaigns, and defined a testing approach, so we could scale fast.

As we recognized a vast potential in content creation for the brand, we maximised these opportunities by organizing dedicated filming days, editing the content and repurposing it in suitable formats across multiple channels. 

What is user generated content?

UGC (User generated content) refers to content, including images and video material, generated by content creators or satisfied customers. This content proved highly effective in ad campaigns because it is authentic, highly consumable, and feels native on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Ads strategy and testing

Our main focus was on testing different ads to find the message that works best with our target audiences. The magic formula, you ask? Our team sticks to this one: a compelling offer, precise distribution and exceptional content equals great results. 

In the ad creative preparation process at Bighead Lab, we follow these essential phases:

  • Competitive Analysis and Creative Audit: This stage delves into the strategies of industry leaders, gathering valuable insights that are documented for reference.
  • Brainstorming and Idea Generation: Here, we foster creativity to formulate concepts for video angles and hooks, fueling innovative ad ideas.
  • Creative Testing Plan: We establish a plan to test our creatives, allowing us to collect performance data and make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • Ad Variations and Optimization: Based on the insights gained from testing, we continually create and fine-tune ad variations, ensuring a process of ongoing enhancement.

To learn more about creative testing, visit our blog post dedicated to this topic.

  1. Conversion rate

In addition to content creation and creative testing, our team was also committed to improving the conversion rate. To achieve this, we prepared a plan to improve specific areas on the website, guiding customers towards making purchases more effectively.

In digital marketing, the conversion rate (CR) stands out as a pivotal metric. It serves as a key indicator, representing the percentage of website visitors who undertake a specific action on the website, with the primary action being making a purchase in our context. 

Essentially, a higher conversion rate not only reflects increased visitor engagement but also contributes to increased profitability. 

Learn more about conversion rate in our blog post.

  1. Positioning

Beyond ensuring profitability for the brand, our focus extended to making it stand out in the market.

We tested multiple unique selling proposition (USP) in our ads with our strategic approach. Our aim was not only to drive ROAS but also to carve out a unique and memorable space for our brand in the market. 

This process of testing and refining our USPs allowed us to pinpoint the most resonant and compelling aspects of the brand.

The Results

Our tailored strategy yielded remarkable outcomes for Fragrance Perfumes during our 10-month collaboration:

  • With Fragrance Perfumes we went from €35k to €150k in sales.
  • Executed 70 influencer collaborations.
  • Conducted over 100 collaborations with content creators and organized 3 filming days.
  • Improved the website and increased the conversion rate by almost 200%.
  • Raised the average order value (AOV) from 38€ to 45€.
  • Expanded to the Hungarian, Slovakian, and Czech markets.

About Bighead

Bighead is a growth-obsessed performance marketing agency dedicated to help eCommerce and SaaS companies reach their full potential through media buying, email marketing, analytics and CRO design, while working as an agile extension of their team.

After years of working together in e-commerces and SaaS industry we connected into a team of experts that wanted to do something new in digital marketing. 

After working with over 200 companies, we have discovered that a significant portion of marketing budgets are wasted. That's why we've decided to take a fresh approach, using data-driven insights to craft our advertising narrative, and make our client budgets as profitable as possible.

Why clients trust us?

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