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Apr 12, 2023

Exceeding Q4 sales targets in Serbia

Exceeding Q4 sales targets in Serbia

About the brand

Biostile is a leading company in the food supplement industry that develops and sells high-quality products both online and offline. They adhere to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring that their products help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Under the patronage of the company, they brought together domestic and foreign experts in the field of food supplements and the best ingredient suppliers in Europe and built modern production plants where they can produce high-quality products to meet their customer’s needs.

When our paths crossed, they were already a well-established player in the local market. However, they were determined to expand their reach and make a breakthrough in new markets, such as Serbia and Greece, which presented different challenges than their home market. We were excited to partner up and help them tackled these challenges!

The challenge

Biostile approached us before Q4 to help them grow on the Serbian market. Our team was thrilled to take on this new challenge since we had already helped them achieve impressive results in their local market. The timing was right and we had a lot of ideas to kick-off the most crucial part of the year in terms of sales for them.

Our market is already saturated with numerous supplement brands, and this number is continuously increasing. Our main challenge was to differentiate ourselves from the competition and establish a unique positioning in the market, which we achieved through our commitment to quality. In this industry, online sales have been gaining momentum, and we strive to provide exceptional support to our customers throughout the purchasing process.

We identified three main opportunities for Biostile to improve their online presence and expand their reach in the Serbian market. Let’s mention a few most impactful ones: expanding their Google Search campaigns and identify new potential keywords; optimizing their Facebook advertising strategy with an upgraded creative approach to reach and engage with their target audience effectively; implementing website changes to increase the conversion rate. All while ensuring that every aspect of their online presence is localized and tailored to the Serbian market. 

Our tailored approach, backed by data-driven insights, enabled Biostile to achieve significant growth and exceed their Q4 sales targets. Let’s see how we did it!

Our collaboration with Bighead provided us with valuable insights into new opportunities for enhancing our online business and reaching potential customers more effectively. We were particularly impressed with the agency's versatile approach and extensive knowledge of our niche market. This is our first experience with a marketing agency. They certainly set a high standard.

The process

  1. Preparing for the big season

We knew that if we wanted to win this BFCM season, we needed to prepare the terrain well beforehand. We started with optimizing current Google ad campaigns and conducted a thorough keyword research to identify new, profitable keywords based on categories and specific products.

Following our initial efforts, we shifted our focus to Facebook advertising with the aim of boosting click-through rates (CTRs) and driving more conversions through this channel. In order to achieve this, we worked closely with Biostile's in-house design and video editing team to create and refine various designs and videos. By collaborating with them, we were able to iterate quickly and optimize our campaigns for maximum impact.

We noticed that the cost per click (CPC) in the Serbian market was relatively low and there wasn't much competition for the brand. With this in mind, we were even more invest in experimenting with various ad formats and messaging to determine which resonated best with our target audience and drove the highest number of conversions.

*BFCM: Black Friday Cyber Monday (it's our geeky marketing language, we apologize)

  1. Post BFCM scaling

After well executed BFCM campaigns, we analysed the results and applied the learnings to optimize our ongoing campaigns. We were seeing revenue growing from month to month and we reached a goal od 50k € of revenue in February. 

This was primarily achieved through our efforts to increase the average order value from 55€ to 75€, which involved promoting bundles, higher-priced products, and other offers designed to encourage customers to purchase more.

By continually fine-tuning our approach, we saw a steady increase in revenue month after month, eventually reaching our goal of generating 50k € in revenue by February.

  1. Testing new channels and approaches

With growing revenue and stable revenue coming from Google and Facebook campaigns, we had the opportunity to test other channels as well. We partnered up with Serbian influencers and started including their content in our ad campaigns. Influencer marketing turned out to be a promising channel for growing revenue, so we keep expanding in this area.

Next steps for the brand

Our products cater to the needs of a diverse population, all generations, healthy individuals as well as those with certain ailments. Our aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle and support overall health and well-being. We are committed to engaging and inspiring the broader community towards healthier living.
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